Learn how to create a Next.js app and deploy it to Vercel. We’ll walk through creating a new Next.js app using a Next.js Starter, connecting it to Git provider GitHub, then using Vercel to import the project and deploy it to the web.

The Jamstack architecture is a modern approach to an old idea: making fast, static websites, but making them dynamic with tools like JavaScript.

How can we leverage the web framework Next.js and hosting platform Vercel to build and deploy performant and reliable web apps?

Note: This is a preview of my Jamstack Handbook, a guide to everything you need to know about the Jamstack. It has 3 tutorials, including this one. Get your copy and learn how to build fast, dynamic apps with JavaScript and the static web.

  • What will we build?
  • Step 1: Getting started with a Next.JS React app
  • Step 2: Setting up the project with Git
  • Step 3: Deploying Next.js with Vercel
  • What did we just deploy?
  • Understanding modern CI / CD with Git
  • Make a change and watch it automatically deploy
  • What did we learn?

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How to Create a Next.js App and Deploy it to Vercel
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