Before start in this new job at Mercado Livre this year, I was already in love with Golang, made a small API for internal use in my previous job and some side projects, but nothing really production ready.

In the last three months, I’ve had an amazing immersion and learned a lot from all colleagues and teammates and I think that it would be nice to share my experiences and what a learned by building a project using the good practices I’m learning.

The idea of this article and some others that I intend to write started when I read this great article from Diego Henrique Oliveira, and found it amazing, and it inspired me to build something using his ideas of project organization.

The main idea is to build a **Voting API **where we would have CRUD operations and also API operations and validations, and apply some concepts as Clean Architecture, package management, Domain Isolation, Dependency Injection and so on. We will also get a little use of Docker, and deploy our API with a CI. That said, let’s get started!

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Building an API with Golang in 2020 — Part 1
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