In this course we will be using SQL and PostgreSQL to perform CRUD operations

PostgreSQL is a very popular , advanced, open-source object-relational database management system used by a lot of organizations. It is a very robust database management system.

Any software or a web application will typically do these set of operations called C.R.U.D.

CRUD Stands for:

  • Create (Insert)
  • Read (Select)
  • Update
  • Delete

What we will learn include:

  • How to install PostgreSQL Database Server
  • How to Load a sample database into PostgreSQL Server
  • How to Create a database and table
  • How to insert data into a table
  • How to query and retrieve data from a table
  • How to update existing data inside a table
  • How to delete data from a table
  • How to sort retrieved data from a table
  • How to Filter data using WHERE clause
  • How to remove duplicate data
  • How to use subqueries to query and retrieve data
  • How to group data using GROUP BY clause
  • How to use the HAVING clause to group data

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What is CRUD? | CRUD Operations with SQL and PostgreSQL
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