Choosing the right color for your web design project is a serious endeavour. A color scheme can often make or break a site’s overall appearance.

Different colors create a different feel for your designs. The right choice of colors can make your designs and creations look clean, aesthetically pleasing, and modern. But the wrong colors can make a project look garish, hard on the eyes, and can be difficult for users to interact with.

The color of the border (border), the background (background-color), or of the foreground (color) – the text and text decorations on the page – have a huge impact, so you should put in some effort to get them right.

CSS lets you use of a wide variety of different colors and color systems. They range from named colors, to hex colors, rgb() colors, hsl colors and more.

  • How to Use Colors in HTML
  • What are Named Colors in CSS?
  • Numerically Named Color Systems
  • What are Hexadecimal Colors in CSS?
  • What is The RGB Color Model?
    • RGB Color Syntax
    • Lots of Options with RGB
    • RGB Opacity

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RGB Color – HTML and CSS Guide
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