About working with Google Data Studio
A couple of words about Data Studio for those who don’t know it yet:
First of all, Data Studio is convenient because it has many connectors for third-party services. They can easily connect to almost any data source. Both native connectors from Google and those developed by other companies are available, for example, for Yandex.Metrics, Yandex.Directory, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If necessary, you can create your own connector.
The service is easy to use and it’s easy to visualize data. Multiple sources can be connected to a single dashboard.
It’s easy to share reports in Data Studio with colleagues, providing them access to viewing or editing. There’s no need for a colleague to have authorization, all they have to do is open the dashboard by clicking the link.
Almost all the features of the tool are available in the free version.

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Automate Reports in Google Data Studio from Google BigQuery
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