React Native, next to Flutter and  PWA,  was called a revolution in cross-platform app development and delivering great mobile experience.

Code repository that’s shareable between platforms? Reusable components? That definitely sounds tempting.

React Native has been praised for its “Learn once, write anything.” objective which means you get a native look and feel of your app for both iOS and Android, and you may also include platform-specific modules.

For a developer with an experience in JavaScript, and React itself, it is easy to take up React Native and start building on it right away.

We’re extremely proud of how the app is turning out and we just can’t wait to write more of them. Our devs and some of our clients are fully aboard the React Native train and in this post, I will tell you exactly why is that: from a perspective of a business owner and a JavaScript developer. As well as some React Native advantages and limitations.

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Pros and Cons of React Native Development in 2020
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