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Machine monitoring is a system that involves the installation of internet-enabled sensors on each of the factory machines. Through these sensors the real-time data is collected continuously on every machine and from every operator. This enables the operators and managers to take control and execute better decisions for improving the overall efficiency across the whole industry. Moreover, with the use of a machine monitoring system, a machine can self-monitor the minor and major issues like component failure or downtime and notify the owner to implement necessary fixes.

Industrial IoT turns out to be highly effective and functional due to the use of smart machines in the manufacturing plants for production. The commencement of smart machines has led to the advancement of the industries to a greater level. It is now easier to process real-time functionalities and identify the impediments before involving manual labor.
The machine monitoring system can be installed for any industrial setup which facilitates improvement for conventional operations.

Without the machines the industries won’t be the same as they are and maintaining proper health of these machines gives a greater responsibility for the industrial owners. Hence, a machine monitoring solution plays a major role in initializing the Internet of Things with the industry. Several industries have already started implementing IoT to boost their productivity.


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