Daffy Durairaj is a co-founder of Mango Markets, a decentralized finance platform. 

With extensive experience as a developer, Daffy plays a crucial role in building and maintaining the Mango ecosystem. His dedication and expertise contribute to the success of the platform, providing users with innovative financial services. Stay tuned for more updates from Daffy and the Mango Markets team!


00:28 - Origin Story

04:44 - Seeing the order book

10:20 - The idea behind creating Mango Markets

15:38 - Going from creating smart contracts to creating Mango

17:32 - How big is the DAO?

20:01 - The Launch

29:15 - VCs and the launch

32:43 - Decentralization and getting stuff done

34:55 - Will DAOs ever compete with big tech companies?

40:43 - What’s next for Mango Markets?

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Daffy Durairaj Co-Founder of Mango Markets
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