The use of powerful frameworks and libraries is very widespread nowadays. We can name Angular, React.js, Vue, Svelte, among others.

It’s hard to imagine building a web application without the use of any of these component-based frameworks. For these options, the components are reusable and configurable widgets. They are able to provide a custom behavior and styling and they’re used as building blocks for the application.

Can we share a component between these frameworks? The short answer is no. Every framework/library has a custom API definition to build components and they are not interoperable with each other.

What is LitElement?

According to the official LitElement  website:

LitElement is a simple base class for creating fast, lightweight web components that work in any web page with any framework.

That means we can use the OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) paradigm using JavaScript or even better: TypeScript.

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Introduction to LitElement
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