What is Graph Visualization?
In Network Visualization, a network dataset structure contains interconnected entities. When networks visualized, the entities are called nodes, and the connections are called links. Graph visualization is the visual representation of the nodes and edges of a graph. Any dataset that contains information about connections can be modeled and visualized as a graph, sometimes data initially stored in a tabular way.

Graph visualization is a better way to understand and manipulate connected data. Tabular data shows the nodes or edges in isolation, but it is difficult to understand the dynamics and connections within the data. Networks see how entities in data are connected, adding new information to understand visualizations. Add the links in the node-link diagrams. Apply a layout to the network to disentangle the connections and show structure. Algorithms (forceAtlas2 Based, physics), called layouts, calculate the node positions and display the data on two-dimensional spaces. This way of representing data required for scenarios which involve connections. Example: Social Networks, Telecommunication Networks, and Relationship Diagrams.Social network graphs are a network of nodes and edges — of entities and the connections between them.


Graph Visualization Tools and Best Practices
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