A lightweight and super fast React.js template

Repl.it React.js Template

A lightweight and super fast React.js template. Powered by esbuild. A few things about it:

  • Entry file is src/App.js, where React is initialized
  • Public files like html, css, and images should go under /public
  • JavaScript files should live under src

Development process

  • Simply write code, add files, etc and hit run
  • Esbuild will build your app and if there is an error you’ll see it in the console
  • If the build is successful you’ll see the web output pane refresh

npm packages

This templates comes with the following dependencies and are installed as part of the project so you’re free to change, upgrade, or replace them:

  • esbuild: JavaScript compiler & bundler
  • static-here: is a tiny static server
  • react and react-dom: because it’s a React.js template :-)

To add more packages, whether React.js components, or anything else, you can simply import the package and Repl.it will find it and install it for you. You can also use the package manager in the sidebar. Read more about packages in Repl.it here.

Download Details:

Author: sahilsk11

GitHub: https://github.com/sahilsk11/OAuth

#reactjs #javascript #react

A lightweight and super fast React.js template
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