Beautiful JavaPoet Code with Goethe

Goethe is a code formatter library for square/javapoet using palantir-java-format.

The palantir-java-format that this library uses is shaded into a nested package to prevent coupling between human-generated code formatting and validation, and components which generate code automatically.


Formatting a javapoet JavaFile as a String:

String formatted = Goethe.formatAsString(javaFile);

Formatting a JavaFile while writing it to an annotation processing Filer:

Goethe.formatAndEmit(javaFile, filer);

Gradle Tasks

./gradlew tasks - to get the list of gradle tasks

Start Developing

Run one of the following commands:

  • ./gradlew idea for IntelliJ
  • ./gradlew eclipse for Eclipse

Download Details:

Author: palantir

Official Github: 

License: Apache-2.0 license

#typescript #java 

Beautiful JavaPoet Code with Goethe
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