In this blog, we are going to see, Importance of demand forecasting and how we can easily create these forecasting workflows with Knime.

Market request forecasting is a basic procedure for any business, however maybe none more so than those in buyer packaged products. Stock, production, storage, delivering, showcasing – each aspect of CPG and retail organizations’ activities are influenced by accurate forecasting. Identifying shoppers’ preferences and their likeness to buy, make these organizations settle on better choices with respect to product offerings, entering new markets and their supply chains, guarantee that stores/stocks are stocked, and limit the danger of stock shortages or overflow.

Overstocks and out-of-stocks

Аn excess or short supply of products can affect your company’s profitability and costs retailers worldwide $1.1 trillion each year. Leftover stock is often marked down and leads to low sales turnover. Out-of-stock situations, on the other hand, make for lost sales an

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Product demand forecasting with Knime
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