So my friends, here we are, I have prospered under the teachings of Flatiron up to this point and now I have reached the final grand Hurrah. My 5th (and final) Module is upon us dear readers.

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Panic stations

The Aim of the final project is to create a single page React app, with Redux and a rails backend API to act as database.

I shall first pass you to this wonderful link, which aided my hugely in my initial setup :,

This will walk you through basic React setup allowing for user authentication. From here on out I am assuming the above article has been read and understood. If not, really do so, its great!

Today we are gonna talk about Redux and how to move on from where the above article takes you to fully getting User Auth up and running in Redux.

First let’s make sure we are in our client directory and head on into terminal and run.

npm install redux react-redux redux-thunk

This is going to install the important dependancies in your pack-lock.json and subsequently allow you to import those important bits that we are gonna need from here on out.

Head into your index.js file and now go ahead and import the following elements:

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Importing the important Redux components

This will allow you to create a central store to retrieve information from at any level within your program (the big pro of Redux), and also allow you to make action creators that return afunction instead of an action (the purpose of Thunk).

Now go ahead and add the following code

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Dealing With Redux User Authentication & Flatirons Final Hurdle
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