WordPress boilerplate plugin with Vue.js

WordPress boilerplate plugin with Vue.js

A simple boilerplate plugin for WordPress using vue js.


How to use:

  • Clone this repository on your local plugin folder

  • Run command npm i to install node modules.

Now just setup for your own plugin, it’s very easy using node auto command.

1. Auto setup:

Just run node src/setup it will ask for a plugin name, type your plugin name and hit enter.

Your plugin is ready to use.

Now run npm run watch Then activate the plugin from your WP admin dashboard.

If you want to make setup by hand you can do it also. But auto setup is the best option for you.

Or Manual Setup

Step to make your own plugin

  • Open with an IDE (Vscode, sublime, PhpStorm etc)

  • Change all the plugin_name to Your-Plugin-Name

  • Change all the PLUGINNAME to YOURPLUGINNAME (Upper case)

  • Change all the PluginName to YourPluginName (Upper Camel Case)

  • Change all the Plugin_Name to your_plugin_name

  • Change all the textdomain to yourtextdomain

All done have fun

Some suggestions for beginners:

Now your plugin is ready to use with a standard format.
You can write vue.js codes inside /src folder
Do any customization you need.

NB: These 3 packages are already installed on this project, You can use those or remove that if you don’t need.

  • element-ui
  • vue-router
  • @Wordpress/hooks

For more details please check the package.json file

After Development Production:

When your Plugin development is complete and you want to use it for production. Then run npm run prod after that you can delete some files which are already build.

Files/Folder you should delete on production:

  • node modules
  • src
  • package-lock.json

For Help:

Please feel free to mail me hasanuzzamanbe@gmail.com

For faster response please text me on https://www.hasanuzzaman.com live chat.

Download Details:

Author: hasanuzzamanbe

Demo: https://hasanuzzamanbe.github.io/wp-boilerplate-plugin-with-vuejs/

Source Code: https://github.com/hasanuzzamanbe/wp-boilerplate-plugin-with-vuejs

#vue #vuejs #javascript #wordpress

WordPress boilerplate plugin with Vue.js
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