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In case you have followed me for quite a while, I have published this specific article:  Setup MongoDB for Laravel on In case you need to deploy your application to production without “hassle”, might seem a great choice. This time, I’ll introduce you to MongoDB on Laravel.

NoSQL (MongoDB) seems quite unpopular on Laravel, not because no one cares, but because not many people are going to use Mongo over SQL since SQL is already embedded into Laravel and provides a great experience for newcomers to understand how Laravel works with databases.

In case you don’t know what are the ups’n’downs of NoSQL over SQL, head back to  the previously mentioned article on which not only I’m explaining how to deploy MongoDB on a cloud server instance, but that’s all about running NoSQL with Laravel. This time, I’ll just break through each up’n’down shortly while giving examples and how things work, how to use it locally, and how they affect the production environment.

Starting from ground zero — you have to be quite familiar with  Laravel Eloquent ORM to adventure yourself further. If you are not quite familiar, it’s always time to learn! Be eager to learn things all the time!

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MongoDB + Laravel = Love — When to use NoSQL
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