Angular 16 CRUD with .NET 7 Web API using Entity Framework Core - Full Course

In this video, we will first create an ASP.NET Core Web API from scratch using .NET7 and then consume this REST API by creating an Angular UI application.

We will cover CRUD operations using Angular and ASP.NET Core Web APIs.  We will use Authentication and Authorization using JWT tokens to communicate between our Angular application and C# REST API.

📑 Contents:
00:00:00 Video Introduction
00:00:40 Angular and ASP.NET Core Udemy Course Demo
00:03:07 Prerequisites
00:03:37 Setting Up Development Environment
00:15:37 Create ASP.NET Core Web API
00:20:07 Understanding Files and Folder Structure
00:25:37 Understanding REST and HTTP Verbs
00:30:10 Create .NET 6 Web API
00:32:41 Our Project and Domain Models
00:41:16 Installing Nuget Packages For Entity Framework Core
00:43:06 DbContext
00:59:26 Running EF Core Migrations
01:03:26 Create Controllers and Actions
01:23:46 Repository Pattern
01:36:46 Create New Angular Application using Angular CLI
01:50:09 Angular Components
02:13:29 CRUD in Angular and ASP.NET Core Web APIs
02:17:21 Angular Forms
02:26:59 Angular Services
02:38:09 CORS
02:42:09 Unsubscribing


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Build a Full-Stack CRUD App with Angular 16, .NET 7, and Entity Framework Core
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