Laravel 8,7,6,5 clear cache command. In this laravel tutorial, you will learn two ways of how to clare different types of cache from laravel apps, as shown below:

  • how to clear cache routes
  • how to clear config cache
  • how to clear view cache

For example, When our app is product mode (live), need to make cache in laravel apps for better completion. But if our apps are in development mode then what want to do is not get cured due to the cache. At this time need to clear the cache.

And this tutorial will discuss two ways of clear all caches from laravel apps. You can see the following ways:

  • Command Line or Command Prompt
  • Artisan Commands

First Way:- Laravel Cache Clear Commands

You can see all laravel clear cache commands, as shown below:

  • Laravel Clear Route Cache
  • Laravel Clear App Cache
  • Laravel Clear Config Cache
  • Laravel Clear View Cache
  • Laravel Clear Cache using Reoptimized Class

Laravel 8 Clear Route, Config and View Cache Commands
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