Computer Vision Demos with OpenCV

OpenCV Demos

Character Recognition

Environment Setup

  • Download & Install OpenCV 3.0.0
  • Download & Install EmguCV, the OpenCV wrapper libs for .NET, from here.
  • Set a system-wide variable pointing to the EmguCV install dir, for example 


    You can do this via System Preferences/Advanced Settings

  • Expand the variable PATH, which is in the same settings window, with 


    This entry is needed because the app will automatically search for cvextern.dll located in this directory.

  • Open the solution file and start the app (Notice: this is an x64 app)
  • Load one of the available images from the Assets folder (these are simple invoice documents)
  • Click on Analyze and wait for the OCR-task to complete. 


There's a second app which is currently in development. No real OCR there, only a few tests with loading images and (de)serializing them.

Download Details:

Author: brakmic

Official Github: 

License: MIT


Computer Vision Demos with OpenCV
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