Fire Stick not connecting to Wi-Fi? 5 ways to fix the problem

Fire Stick has become one of the most popular ways to entertain you as one can easily switch from watching TV to watching Netflix. One can even listen to music on Spotify or play online games. No wonder those who have become used to the use of Fire Stick solely rely on Fire Stick for all kinds of entertainment. And it can be really annoying for them if somehow the fire stick stops working. This is what happens when Fire Stick Not Connecting to WiFi.

So what should a person do in case a person faces the same issue? No matter how big a network problem is it can always be solved by little troubleshooting. If you face the same network issue, continue reading this as we are going to list 5 ways to fix this problem that will hopefully remedy your problem.

  1. Examine the setup of your Fire Stick — We know that it is the human instinct to seek relief from the issue at hand just by restarting the device. In fact, most of the time it works perfectly fine. But before you even follow your human instinct, it is recommended that you first carefully examine the physical setup as something might block the Wi-Fi signal from coming in. It can be problematic if your TV is in an enclosed space because that results in a weak Wi-Fi connection.

  2. Restart your Fire Stick — Once you are sure that nothing is physically blocking the connection, you can always try restarting your Fire Stick. It is surprisingly amazing how sometimes technical issues can be resolved by simply restarting the device. There are two ways to restart your Fire Stick

· First — Unplug the fire stick, wait for around 15 seconds, and plug back in. Doing this might solve the issue instantly.
· Second — Restart your Fire Stick with a remote. Just hold the play/pause button and press buttons simultaneously.
· You can also restart the device from the Fire Stick menu.

  1. Check your internet connection and Wi-Fi — If restarting doesn’t seem to work, then there are high chances that the issue lays in your internet connectivity. You can verify this by checking your Wi-Fi is working on other platforms such as Laptop or mobile phone. If the internet seems to work fine on all other platforms, then the issue is definitely with your Fire Stick.

You can check the Fire Stick Not Connecting to WiFi by following these simple steps.

· Go to the settings menu on your device and select network.
· Press play and then stop to check your network.
· This will clearly present the results of whether the Wi-Fi connection is faulty or not.
· If Wi-Fi seems to be the culprit, then the solution would be to restart the router or modem to regain the connection.

  1. Restart your modem or router — If it is the network issue that is causing the trouble, you should try restarting your modem or router. Simple restart simply helps gain back the internet connection.

· First power off the router, then use the power button to turn off your modem and patiently wait for 30 seconds before you power it on.
· After waiting for 30 seconds, turn your router back on wait for it to gain the connection again.
· Once your router or modem fully restarts, then try reconnecting the Fire Stick to the Wi-Fi.

  1. Forget your Wi-Fi network and then reestablish a Connection — Finally, this is the last technique in our arsenal. Make sure you apply this technique when restarting your router doesn’t work. Using this you would have to establish a fresh Wi-Fi connection. You can do so by forgetting your home network and then Fire Stick Not Connecting to WiFi.

Use these simple steps below

· Go to the settings menu and then select the network option.
· Locate the faulty network and press the menu button for more options.
· Press the option to forget the network and then press the select button to confirm.
· After that, start fresh by again connecting to that network. Enter the password to check if you can now connect to the Wi-Fi.

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