NodeJS IRC Client Library

This is a fork of node-irc, which is an IRC client library written in TypeScript for Node. This fork is used by the Matrix-IRC application service.

To use this package:

  npm install matrix-org-irc

Differences from node-irc

The node-irc library isn’t well maintained and there are a number of issues which are impacting development of the Matrix-IRC application service. We made the decision to fork the project in order to improve reliability of the application service. A summary of modifications from node-irc@0.3.12 are below:

  • TypeScript support

  • - Manifested as BOTS-80

  • - Manifested as [BOTS-73] (

  • Handle +R -

  • Handle more error codes (430,435,438)

  • Fix bug which would fail to connect conflicting nicks which == NICKLEN.

  • Fix err_unavailresource on connection with reserved nicks.

  • Workaround for the Scunthorpe problem:

  • Add methods for working out if a given text will be split and into how many lines.

  • Add names support (incl. multi-prefix).

  • Add functions to determine if a user prefix is more powerful than another (e.g. @ > &)

  • Case-map all incoming channels correctly (e.g on PRIVMSG and NOTICE)

  • Allow IP family to be chosen to allow IPv6 connections.

  • Add function for getting channel modes.

  • Workaround terrible RFC3484 rules which means that IPv6 DNS rotations would not be honoured.

  • Add setUserMode to set a user’s mode.

  • Addition of encodingFallback option which allows setting encoding to use for non-UTF-8 encoded messages.

  • Addition of onNickConflict() option which is called on err_nicknameinuse. This function should return the next nick to try. The function defaults to suffixing monotonically increasing integers. Usage:

    new Client("", "MyNick", {
       onNickConflict: function() {
         return "_MyNick_";

Download Details:

Author: matrix-org
Download Link: Download The Source Code
Official Website:
License: GPL-3.0

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NodeJS IRC Client Library
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