After some convincing, my wife finally swayed me over in purchasing a smart fridge for our kitchen renovation. Being a techie, I was excited in the fact my non-technical wife wanted a smart fridge in the first place, but the frugal lord in me did not want to pay the price tag. But as the saying goes…happy wife, happy life.

I have this love/hate relationship with our Samsung Smart refrigerator.

I love it because it is practical and does what it is supposed to — keep my food perfectly fresh, delivers quality filtered water, and produces the most symmetric ice cubes known to mankind.

I hate my refrigerator because the feature I reluctantly paid a hefty premium for, it’s smart functionality with built in AI (Bixby), most of the time doesn’t understand a damn thing I am saying when I attempt to interact with it.

Bixby, what is on my calendar today?

Good morning. The weather in Hanover today is 46 degrees with light rain.

It could be my upbringing in Kansas City and the dialect us from the east side of the town tend to carry which comprises of one-part northern region over enunciation and one-part southern elongation of words — creating a speech tone that is more reminiscent of Bay Area rappers versus Midwestern town folk.

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