What is Carbon (CRBN) | What is CRBN token

Carbon is a social crypto hub, providing fully encrypted and decentralised communications, social feed, data storage and more. The Carbon platform is very rewarding. Content creation is rewarded, as is staking, in a fun, gamified rewards system. Carbon combines many common day-to-day crypto activities into one place.

What problem does Carbon solve?

Currently, those in the crypto space must use many different apps and platforms simultaneously, creating hard work and leaving a lot of scope for error and insecure communications. Telegram for direct messaging, Twitter for news and announcements, local apps for password and secure data storage, other platforms for airdrops, another app for their token wallet, another for calendar and contacts and the list goes on. There needs to be one place where this all comes together. A place you can connect, share, send, receive, subscribe and follow everything cryptocurrency related, right from your browser by simply connecting with MetaMask.

Carbon is that place. Featuring a range of tools suitable for individuals and project teams alike, we’ve designed a great platform to bring everyone together and experience the benefits of encrypted, decentralised data and communications using the Ethereum blockchain.”

The following is a list of tools/features of the Carbon app. In-depth explanations of what each of them do, and how they work on a technical level, will be included in the whitepaper.

  • Social feed (with followers + contacts)
  • Messenger (+ encrypted and blockchain storage optional)
  • Contacts book with crypto addresses, profiles and more
  • CRBN Wallet
  • Secure, encrypted notepad
  • Secure password vault
  • NFT gallery + NFTs for achievements
  • Donations / charity
  • Leaderboards / gamification
  • Rewards system for holding CRBN and using the app
  • Team accounts with tools including airdrops and events
  • Events calendar
  • Airdrops for CRBN users, right from the app
  • More tools coming in the future

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What is Carbon (CRBN) | What is CRBN token
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