The PMP certification is easily the most popular and the most prestigious certification in the world of project management. Due to its massive popularity, many people are interested in the PMP certification. So they naturally ask the question - “Is getting a PMP worth it?”.

There is a very short and simple answer to this question, and that is that yes, it is completely worth it to get a PMP certification. In this article we will explore the reasons for why this is so. We will also attempt to give some relevant information about the all-important PMP certification training.

The reader of the article is advised to approach the article with an open mind and suspend any preconceived notions he may have about the PMP certification being too expensive or being too difficult. As the benefits of getting PMP certification training will unfold before his eyes he will become more and more convinced that taking this training is a good idea.

What are the benefits of getting a PMP certification?

1. A candidate can demonstrate his drive for learning -

Getting a PMP certification can hardly be called a cakewalk. One has to put in enormous amounts of effort, time, energy, money, and brainpower into preparing for the PMP certification exam. One also has to create an extensive PMP exam preparation strategy.

The path can be made easier by taking PMP certification training but it is still very difficult. Businesses and organizations recognize this undoubtable fact and mark a PMP-certified professional as a person who possesses a drive for learning and is determined to improve himself.

2. One gets a certain amount of credibility -

There are many unscrupulous elements in this world who try to get jobs through unfair means such as providing false information about themselves on the resumes and in the job interviews. To hiring managers they are a great source of distress.

So when a hiring manager sees that a candidate has PMP certification training listed on his resume they become very pleased and relieved and give him a lot of credibility during the screening process.

3. Opens the doors to the highest salaries -

Project managers, as the name suggests, are placed in direct charge of the whole project of a company. This is a position of immense responsibility and the burden they carry is heavy indeed. Consequently, the company compensates them very well and the salary packages of project managers are the highest out of all the positions in any industry.

4. Provides opportunities in various industries and domains -

One will be hard pressed to find an industry or a domain which does not have sore need of project managers. Leaders, directors, and organizers are required in any venture and thus the demand for project managers is always high. So a person with PMP certification training will be able to find employment in any sector, domain, or industry of his choosing very easily.

5. One gets recognition from the corporate world -

As was mentioned before, the PMP certification is one of the most prestigious certifications in existence in any field. All major businesses and organizations are fully aware of how difficult it is to acquire the PMP certification. So for a candidate who has taken the PMP certification training, is able to meet all the PMP certification exam requirements, and manages to clear the exam itself, much recognition and appreciation awaits.

6. Opens up networking opportunities -

There are many chartered chapters of PMP certified professionals around the world in various countries. These chapters provide large and accessible corporate networks of project managers. Anyone with PMP certification training and the PMP certification can access these large networks and get professional guidance and assistance.

Is PMP certification worth it?

Getting the PMP certification by getting PMP certification training is definitely worth it. One can see this not only from the numerous benefits listed above but also from the demand of project managers in every industry, sector, and domain.

This career path is extremely lucrative and the wise will jump on this bandwagon as early as possible to reap the benefits.

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Is Getting a PMP Worth It?
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