Android, currently the most popular and open-source operating system for mobile devices, is used globally nowadays. And that's perhaps the major reason why a majority of individuals are eager to learn Android App development. But do you know that many small individuals are already earning a lot of money just by developing a single android application? Yes, and in this video, we're going to discuss the most effective ways through which you can also earn money from your android apps. So, let's get started now.

00:00 Let's Start
00:23 Demand & Scope of Android App Development
01:17 Sponsorships
01:44 Advertisement
02:25 Referral Marketing
03:08 Crowdfunding
03:45 Subscriptions
04:16 Paid Applications
04:49 Physical Services
05:08 Closing Notes

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How to Earn Money From Your Android Apps?
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