Node.js JWT Authentication is leveled up when you add refresh token rotation and reuse detection. We'll also be adding support for multiple logins / devices to the an existing REST API in Node JS.

(00:00) Intro
(00:12) Welcome
(00:40) Refresh Token Rotation Explained
(02:26) Multiple Device / Login Support
(04:03) Refresh Token Reuse Detection 
(11:08) Refresh Controller
(16:50) Logout Controller
(17:46) Auth Controller 
(21:09) Verify logout deletes refresh token
(22:31) Delete an old token at login
(24:46) Identify an expired refresh token
(27:09) Confirm refresh token reuse detection
(30:59) Check multi device / login support
(32:32) Last Minute Addition: An important scenario

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Refresh Token Rotation in Node.js JWT Authentication
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