In Part 1 of this series we examined the key differences between software and models and in Part 2 we explored the twelve traps of conflating models with software. Both these articles were focused on highlighting the issues, but did not provide any solutions. In the next couple of articles we will focus on providing some concrete practices for addressing these gaps.

The potential contribution of AI to the global economy and the importance of investing in AI is well recognized within the business and technical communities. In a recent CEO survey, more than 85% of the CEO’s believed that AI will significantly change the way they do business. Although only 6% of those surveyed admitted to having enterprise-wide AI initiatives, nearly 20% of them plan to deploy AI enterprise-wide in the near-term. One of the biggest challenges in enterprise-wide deployment of models is the time it takes to deploy models. In a recent survey, nearly 58% of companies surveyed reported that it took 31 days or more to deploy models.

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Model Evolution: From Standalone Models to Model Factory
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