In this course you will learn the building blocks of modern network design and function. Learn how to put the many pieces together to build a functional and secure network.

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0:00:00 Understanding Local Area Networking

  • Understanding Local Area Networking
  • LAN Essentials
  • Topologies

1:08:53 Defining Networks with the OSI Model

  • Layer 1-2 Physical, Data Link and Switches Layer
  • Layer 3-6 Network, Transport and Session Layer
  • Layer 6-7 Presentation and Application Layer

1:50:05 Understanding Wired and Wireless Networks

  • Recognizing Wired Networks and Media Types
  • Comprehending Wireless Networks

2:38:31 Understanding Internet Protocol

  • Working with iPv4
  • Working with iPv6

3:28:04 Implementing TCP/IP in the Command Line

  • Common TCP/IP Tools
  • Advanced TCP/IP Tools
  • Advanced TCP/IP Tools Demos

4:10:07 Working with Networking Services

  • DHCP
  • DORA
  • Remote Desktop

5:06:19 Understanding Wide Area Networks

  • Understanding Routing
  • Understanding Wide Area Networks

5:47:15 Defining Network Infrastructure and Network Security

  • Understanding Networks Outside the LAN
  • Understanding Security Devices and Zones

⭐ Important Notes ⭐
⌨️ The creator of this course is Microsoft Virtual Academy



Computer Networking Fundamentals | Networking Tutorial for Beginners Full Course
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