As we know Node.js has played an important role in major shift in ways of application Development. We will walk through benefits of NodeJS with CI/CD, Kubernetes and its benefits. Along with that we will cover options available in the market. This session will also talk about best practices which can be leverage by developers, architects and operations team. In the end we will walk through a demonstration and see the benefits.


In era of Agile Software development, when deploying applications most of the teams usually face a challenge between Dev and Ops because these two departments make the same application, but work completely in different ways. Let’s see how with Devops they work together without any misunderstandings and deploy NodeJS application on Kubernetes with CI/CD and result get benefits like shorten time to market, streamlined process, great user experience, less risky releases, less downtime and many more.

#kubernetes #node-js #devops #docker

Enhancing Node.js Apps outcomes with Kubernetes and CI/CD
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