Build 2.0 with NEXT.JS 14! (Scrape Data w/ Oxylabs, React, Shadcn, Tailwind, TS)

Craft a powerful Clone 2.0 using NEXT.JS 14! Dive into data scraping with Oxylabs, React, Shadcn, Tailwind, and TypeScript for a cutting-edge project.

Join me as show you how to build a Clone with Next.js 14. You'll learn the following in this build:
👉 How to leverage the power of Server components inside of Next.js 14 and when to use Client components (With Examples!)
👉 How to Scrape Real Data from the website to get real Hotel Booking Details via the Oxylabs Web Scraper API!
👉 Create a Beautiful UI & UX for our clone using the highly Popular Shadcn!
👉 How to use Skeleton Loaders with Next.js 14 to show Beautiful loading screens whilst the results are being fetched!
👉 How to build a fully responsive site with Tailwind CSS!
👉 How to use TypeScript to reduce the overall number of Bugs and Errors
👉 How to deploy the final build on Vercel!

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Build Showcase & Tech
02:13 Oxylabs Sponsorship
06:26 Initialising the Build
11:20 Implementing Shadcn/ui
13:32 Building the Header Component
35:16 Building the Rest of the Page
41:01 Building the Search Functionality (Search Form Component)
1:09:12 Building the Search Page
1:12:54 Implementing Oxylabs Web Scraper API
1:19:15 Scraping Data from using Oxylabs
1:32:35 Setting Up Type Definitions
1:34:24 Testing the Search Functionality
1:35:58 Implementing Skeleton Loaders
1:40:33 Building the Search Results Page 
1:46:06 Final Build Demo
1:47:56 Deploying to Vercel
1:54:41 Final Deployed Build Demo
1:56:53 Outro

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Build Clone 2.0 with NEXT.JS 14
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