Combining compute, connectivity, and low latency communication to endpoints lets MEC-hosted applications analyze streaming data on-the-fly and respond before storing it.

Next-gen mobile networks can deliver powerful services that take advantage of low-latency, high bandwidth, and edge computing. This article describes a software architecture for continuous intelligence applications that operate in 4G/5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) environments.

MEC offers low latency computing co-located with wireless base-stations and close to fixed networks. It interfaces directly to the provider Radio Access Network (RAN), which manages connectivity to wireless devices. MEC environments are also richly connected – to the provider’s core network, the Internet, and public and private clouds. As a result, MEC offers a unique opportunity to mobile providers to deliver valuable services that use continuous intelligence to analyze, learn, and predict from streaming data, on-the-fly, and respond in real-time.


Continuous Intelligence for 4G/5G Mobile Edge Computing
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