Round 1(Online test):

The round was conducted on Hackerrank.

This round consists of two coding questions and the duration was 75 minutes.

Both questions were of medium level, based on strings and substrings. I was able to solve both of them.

Ques1: Distinct palindromic sub-strings of a string

Ques2: Subsequences of a string in sorted order. The question was similar to this :

12 students were selected for the next round from around 135 students and I was one of them.

Round 2(Domain Interview):

This was an online face to face technical round conducted on Hirepro platform. There is an editor in this platform itself, so we have to submit and run our code and also we have to explain the code and approach to the interviewer.

The interview starts with the introduction, then he asks questions on my project. I have developed my project in Python language (Django Framework),

Questions were:

1.Explain Architecture of django

2. How to connect django project to the database.

3. What are different Inheritance styles in django

4. Use of Middlewares in django.

Then he gave me a question which I have to code and compile. The question was: We have data of employees of a company and we have to remove the duplicate entries of emails. This I have done through hashing and compiled successfully.

Then in the same question he asked me that if we have a different programmer and he wants to know the details of top 10 Employees according to their performance marks, how that can be achieved?.    I have told him that we can use inherited classes where base class stores the data of employees and can have two child classes, One can be used to remove the duplicate entries and another can be used to find the top 10 employees. I have to code this approach also.

Then he asked me questions on OOPS:

1. What are access modifiers.

2. Pillars of OOPS

3. Abstraction

4. Static Binding and Dynamic Binding.

The interview was around 50-60 minutes long.

Round 3(Attribute Interview):

This was an online face to face HR round conducted on Hirepro platform

HR introduce herself and she asks me, Do you know what HR do?

Why sapient?

What are your leadership skills?

How you influence others?

How would your friends describe you?

Where you see yourself in 3-4 years?

Dream company?

At last I asked her for my overall feedback.

After both the interviews, HR called to us to join the meeting on Microsoft teams and their she announced that 2 students were shortlisted for the Associate Software Developer Engineer and I was one of them :).

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Publicis Sapient Interview Experience | On-Campus
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