Find out how you can send email easily from Node.js

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Like many other HBO Max subscribers, I received an email titled “Integration Test Email #1” to the email I use for my HBO Max account. I decided to write a post about how you can send your own ‘Integration Test Email’ from Node.js. There are a couple of different ways.

Sending automated emails from a server application is something you need to be careful about. Email is typically sent out through the SMTP protocol. Internet service providers are cautious that bad actors are not using their networks for sending SPAM. So when when writing software that sends email we need to make sure that we do not do anything to get us blacklisted. It is very easy to do if you are not careful.


The way I have sent email from Node.js in the past is by using a NPM module called Nodemailer. You can install it into your project by using the following terminal command.

> npm i nodemailer --save

To send out our “Integration Test Email” we can write a simple program that creates a network connection to an SMTP server.

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How to Create your own Integration Test Email #1 from Node.js
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