How To Choose And Maintain A Car Battery

The car battery from the battery shop is an important part of any automobile. Car batteries from battery shops usually have a definite lifespan of 3-5 years, the longevity of which varies depending on its travel utility and climatical settings. A car battery endures serious temperature fluxes throughout its lifecycle. The alternating and fluctuating heat produced by the engine has a compound effect on the battery which deteriorates its capacity and functionality over time. 

Car batteries have an extended lifespan in cold environments and last up to 5 to 6 years with good maintenance practices. Warm and hot climates reduce its lifecycle to a maximum of 3 years, as the extreme heat fluctuation damages the battery capacity sooner. These are some of the factors that will affect your battery life over time. Apart from these, certain other aspects need to be kept in mind before purchasing a car battery from a battery shop. 

Choosing Car Battery from Battery Shop: 

  1. Battery Size: Since all the automobiles are not of the same size. Therefore, different vehicles of varied built require different sizes, lengths, width, and height batteries suited to their particular automobile. 

Battery requirements are always mentioned in the vehicle manual. But still, if you don’t know you can always find out by consulting a battery shop for the right fix. The most important thing to consider in buying a battery from a battery shop is that it should rightly fit the battery tray of the vehicle. If it's not a perfect fit, it will soon be physically damaged from vibrations. 

  1. Battery Freshness: Battery freshness should always be kept in mind. It is advised not to buy a car battery older than six months from the date of its manufacturing. The manufacturing date is mentioned on the battery. 
  2. Reserve Capacity: Battery capacity is the ability of the battery to run on its potential without engine power. High Reserve Capacity car batteries are the best choice since they can endure difficult situations like non-compliant engines, alternator failure, and leaving lights on unintentionally.
  3. Power Requirement: Car battery from the battery shop comes in two variations. to Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Cranking Amps (CA). CCA is the power necessary to start the engine below zero Celsius and is suitable in cold climates. While CA is power the engine at zero Celsius. 
  4. Maintenance: Again, there are two varieties. Low-maintenance and maintenance-free. The maintenance-free type battery is completely sealed and does not require electrolyte replacement. The low-maintenance require periodic checking and replacement of electrolyte with distilled water every 45 days from the battery shop.
  5. Warranties: It is recommended to purchase a car battery from a battery shop with an extended warranty so, in case of any misfortune, a certain amount of the damage could be reimbursed in a limited period. 
  6. Type and Position of Terminals: The position of the positive terminal of the battery is necessary for its placement in the vehicle as it affects the polarity of the car and creates short circuit risk if the positive terminal and car metal shell come in contact. The placement of the positive terminal is different in different cars. 
  7. Ampere Hour (Ah): Ah indicates the electric storage capacity of the car battery. Higher Ah batteries are recommended as they are capable of maintaining a high load for an extended period without running low. 
  8. Battery Life: If you are clueless about the battery life of your current car battery, there is no reason to worry. You can always get it checked in a nearby battery shop and check battery life status.
  9. Battery Brand: Usually, the car manufacturer manual recommends the battery brand for your vehicle. However, if you are unable to afford the recommended one from the battery shop, you can opt for the second-best brands that perfectly fit your vehicle specifications. It is tempting to buy the cheapest car battery from a battery shop but it will cost you in the long run as such batteries are full of defects.

Maintaining A Car Battery: 

The car battery is continuously charged by the alternator when the car is running. It loses the charge when it is turned off. If it sits idle for a longer period, the battery risk losing charge beyond the minimum level, and will pose problems in starting the vehicle. When this problem persists, it badly affects the lifespan of the battery and deteriorates it over time, resulting in sudden car breakdowns. To avoid such mishaps, there are few tips to keep the car battery healthy. 

  1. Regular Car Battery Usage at Periodic Intervals: It is advised to not leave your vehicle idle for more than a week as the battery power drains rapidly when not used over a longer period. So, periodically start your car to keep the battery healthy.
  2. Minimize Battery Usage: Car lights and interior music systems drain the battery rather quickly when the engine is not running. Make sure all the lights and music system is turned off before you exit the car, to save the battery from running low.
  3. Regular Battery Cleanliness: Dirt kills the battery slowly. It corrodes the battery terminals slowly, draining the battery, and also can make the battery completely flat. Dirt-covered terminals can also cause a short circuit which can be dangerous.
  4. Protect from High Temperature: Extreme heat can accelerate the evaporation of battery fluids, significantly lowering the battery lifespan. Even completely sealed maintenance-free batteries also risk damage because of extreme temperature. Always park your car in shady places and do not let the car stand under direct sun for longer periods.
  5. Regular Battery Voltage Check-up from Battery Shop: To keep the battery healthy a minimum voltage of 12.7V should be maintained. When the voltage drops below 12.7V, the battery becomes flat or dead and needs replacement from the battery shop. Therefore, check battery voltage at a nearby battery shop every 45 days to keep it healthy and running.

Keep your car from frequent breakdowns by simply maintaining the health of your car battery with the above tips. In case of damage and battery replacement, contact a nearby Exide dealer for an authentic battery brand. 

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