After launch in 2017, the GitOps approach has been gaining popularity worldwide. The demand for GitOps practices is evidently on the rise. According to IT Jobs Watch, the share of jobs requiring GitOps knowledge increased from 0.01% to 0.05% of all IT jobs advertised. Why is such a trend much needed by today’s developers?

In 2019 DORA report compared elite teams and low performers to show shocking statistics. Elite teams are 106 times faster and 208 times more efficient if to speak about frequent code deployment. The DevOps approach turned to be amid the catalysts to move a development team from high-performing to the elite category. Meanwhile, the community understands GitOps as the next level of progress from the viewpoint of code deployment. Eventually, GitOps is an effective mechanism to help your team become elite and skyrocket its efficiency indexes.


GitOps Flux tool: efficiency, benefits, and use cases
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