Good habits and Soft skills are necessary for Data Scientist to achieve great results in companies as in the business itself. There are many techniques for data scientist to work more efficiency, and more suggestions from mentors and leaders of Data Science for carrier advice. And there are many Tips for data science beginners which even works for seniors or team leaders.

In this video I listed-out 10 features for data scientist which should be taken in consideration if you will attempt to be a Senior Data Scientist or Team leader, or anyone who has higher sense of being data scientist against other, likely beginners or juniors specialists.

The content of this video:
0:00 - Intro
0:19 - 5 Habits To Be More Organized in Data Science
0:22 - 1. Use Unique Virtual Environments
1:34 - 2. Save Code Snippets
2:24 - 3. Use Version Control
3:21 - 4. Use Logging & Model Tracking
4:43 - 5. Take Development Notes
5:31 - Conclusion about mentioned Habits.
6:24 - 5 Soft Skills That a Good Data Scientist should have
6:39 - 1. Critical thinking
6:54 - 2. Effective communication
7:11 - 3. Proactive problem solving
7:32 - 4. Curiosity
7:41 - 5. Business Sense
7:55 - Main conclusions and outro.

Links to sources mentioned in a video:

  1. Conda Commands (latest):
  2. Code Snippets:
  3. Getting Started with Github (article):
  4. Logging Python Scripts (tutorial):

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5 Habits & 5 Soft Skills for Data Scientist to Get Life Easier
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