Hi there,
I experienced that as a software developer knowing to build, deploy and automate projects is a very valuable skill. So, want to learn about continuous integration and delivery with Jenkins? 🙂

I made a free and complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial, where I explain everything you need to know about Jenkinsfile. 🔥
You will learn everything from what Jenkinsfile is, the basic structure, post build actions, defining conditionals, using environmental variables, how to create a paramerized build etc.

It demonstrates the below topics with examples:

  • What is Jenkinsfile?
  • From Scripted to Declarative Pipeline Syntax
  • Basic Structure of Jenkinsfile
  • Post Build Actions in Jenkinsfile
  • Define Conditionals / When expression
  • Using Environmental Variables in Jenkinsfile
  • Using Tools attribute for making build tools available
  • Using Parameters for a Parameterized Build
  • Using external Groovy scripts

Hope it’s helpful for some of you 💡

Link: Complete Jenkinsfile Tutorial

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Complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial | Jenkinsfile explained
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