This comprehensive tutorial answers you about creating a star rating system in Angular 10 using the NgBootstrap library.

NgBootstrap is a package for bootstrap; it doesn’t require 3rd party JavaScript. Most importantly, the Angular widgets are assimilated from the ground only using Bootstrap 4 CSS and some APIs, especially for the Angular ecosystem.

In this tutorial, we will build a 5-star rating system, i am sure you must have seen the star rating system before. Typically star rating system is used in e-commerce sites where a user rates from 1 star to 5 stars to the services or products.

Without further ado, let’s build a star rating component using the latest Angular 10 and NgBootstrap library.

Create Angular Application

Install Angular CLI with the following command, skip this step if angular CLI already installed

npm install -g @angular/cli


Create an Angular application to display the Angular star rating demo.

ng new angular-star-rating-example


Navigate to the project root:

cd angular-star-rating-example

#angular #angular 10

How to Build Star Rating in Angular 10 Application
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