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This is the pre-final part of the article series dedicated to concurrency, heavily based on the book Concepts of Programming Languages by Robert W. Sebesta. You can start reading the other parts through the links below.

Ada Concurrency

We will focus on synchronous message passing. Ada tasks consist of two syntactic parts: _specification _and body. The** interface** of tasks is points of entry or where the messages are accepted. Just like message parameters, entry points are described inthe task’s specification part.

Note:_ In order to make the explanation easier for me and clearer for you, I will use pseudo-codes that are very similar to Ada syntax. The actual codes written in Ada you can find in the book._

task’s body entry points can be specified by the accept clause, with the help of reserved words **accept **& end.

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What You Should Know About Concurrency — Part III — Implementation with Ada, Java, C#
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