Week 10 – Practicum: The Truck Backer-Upper

0:00:00 – Week 10 – Practicum

PRACTICUM: http://bit.ly/pDL-en-10-3
During this week’s practicum, we explore the Truck Backer-Upper (Nguyen & Widrow, ‘90). This problem shows how to solve an non-linear control problem using neural networks. We learn a model of a truck’s kinematics, and optimize a controller through this learned model, finding that the controller is able to learn complex behaviors through purely observational data.
0:00:59 – Set up and visualization of the self-learning problem “The Truck Backer-Upper”
0:19:44 – Training the Neural-nets Model for Emulator and Controller
0:38:48 – Understanding of the PyTorch code

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Practicum: The Truck Backer-Upper
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