Yet another build system? Why should you learn a new one?

{Fast, Correct} - Choose two

that’s the motto of Bazel. In this talk I will give an introduction to the open-source build and test tool developed by Google. The first major release was published by the end of 2019. What is so special about Bazel? It is fast, reliable, multi-platform, scalable and extensible. Everything extracted using a high-level build language similar to Python called Starlark. During the talk I will show you how to define libraries, binaries and tests for C++, as well as for Python. In addition I will show you how to combine both languages in a project and how to set up a build toolchain. At the end of the talk I will give you some ideas on extensions that can be added to fit your project and requirements.

About the Speaker – Xavier Bonaventura

Xavier Bonaventura is a Software Engineer at BMW, where he works on the software stack for the next generation of autonomous driving, including the coordination between the software quality and the software development team.

Xavier believes that success in large scale projects can only be achieved through high-quality standards, using modern technologies, and applying software engineering principles at all levels.

He has been working in various fields such as computer graphics, information theory, and data aggregation and with codebases of different sizes, with contributions from 5 to 2000 software developers.

Xavier loves learning and teaching and when he is not programming he likes cooking, hiking, and jogging.

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Introduction to Bazel to Build C++ and Python
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