Some of the toughest negotiations in business often take place with your own manager. You want to go to a conference and while your manager would like to send you, they need to be convinced. Conferences typically cost money, and they take time out of attendees’ schedules, so managers need to be comfortable that the time and money being invested is worthwhile.

In past years, DevOps World was a pretty easy sell. If you’re in the DevOps field – or in parts of the organization that need to work closely with DevOps – you had good opening arguments. It’s the world’s biggest and most impactful DevOps show and as an attendee you gain knowledge and experience that will be valuable to the organization.

This year, it’s an even easier sell! DevOps 2020 is being held virtually on September 22-24. That means no time out for travel. Since all the content is online, you’re on your computer, so you’re never completely out of reach. And…this year’s event is free.

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How to Convince Your Manager to ‘Send’ You to DevOps World 2020
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