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Learn how to create and configure the Syncfusion React Range Slider component in a React application using Visual Studio Code. The React Range Slider is an HTML5 input control that is used to select a value or range of values. You can select a relative quantity value by moving a thumb along a bar. 

The control has major and minor ticks, thumbs, and tooltips that can be fully customized. It can also be aligned horizontally or vertically. In this video, you will see how to add the Range Slider component to a React application with a few of its basic features like types, ticks, tooltips, format, and limits. I will also show you how to customize the range slider using CSS classes. 

The React Range Slider is a user interface component designed for React applications. It allows users to select a range of values by dragging the slider's handles. It is commonly used in scenarios where users need to set a range of values, such as selecting a price range or a date range. The range slider's appearance, behavior, and functionality can be customized to match the requirements of the application. 

This includes customizing the slider's appearance, orientation, step, and more. The range slider component provides built-in tooltip support, which displays the selected range values as users interact with the slider. Tooltips help provide real-time feedback to users. Add ticks and labels to the range slider to mark specific values or intervals. This is useful for showing predefined values or categories along the slider. 

The range slider offers a set of events that allows you to respond to user interactions, such as when the value changes or when the user releases a handle. It also has a comprehensive API for programmatic control and manipulation. 

Tutorial video:

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Getting Started with the React Range Slider Component
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