Show Webcam in GUI with 7 Lines of Python and OpenCV

This tutorial will teach you how to use OpenCV to create a simple GUI window that displays your webcam feed. With just 7 lines of code, you'll be able to see yourself on your screen in real time.

    import cv2, PySimpleGUI as sg
window = sg.Window('Demo Application - OpenCV Integration', [[sg.Image(filename='', key='image')],], location=(800,400))
cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0)       # Setup the camera as a capture device
while True:                     # The PSG "Event Loop"
    event, values = window.Read(timeout=20, timeout_key='timeout')      # get events for the window with 20ms max wait
    if event is None:  break                                            # if user closed window, quit
    window.FindElement('image').Update(data=cv2.imencode('.png',[1])[1].tobytes()) # Update image in window

Putting the comment at the bottom so that you can see that the code is indeed 7 lines long.  And, there is nothing

done out of the ordinary to make it 7 lines long.  There are no ; for example.  OK, so the if statement is on one line

but that’s the only place that you would traditionally see one more line.  So, call it 8 if you want.

The code creates this window:

(Some people having hard time seeing the GIF so pasting the link too)

#python #opencv

Show Webcam in GUI with 7 Lines of Python and OpenCV
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