Looking for better ways to improve your business growth in the digital market? When it comes to expanding your business boundaries with the help of technology, it is always worth investing in cross-platform mobile applications.

According to the survey report of Sensor Tower, mobile apps will generate revenue of $156 billion (majorly from iOS App Store and Google Play Store), based on a CAGR of 17%.

And these figures are attracting many people from small stores to multi-million companies, to invest in mobile app development services to take their business to the new heights. If you are looking for the app development for your business, you have to choose the best cross-platform app development frameworks in mind. And choosing the right cross-platform app development frameworks is the most crucial aspect. This is because when it comes to mobile app development, most frameworks allow you to develop apps for iOS and Android OS.

However, when it comes to choosing the best framework for cross-platform app development, React Native is the top-rated app development framework selected by 42% of developers.

React Native is one of the best frameworks, launched and supported by Facebook. Moreover, this framework is based on Javascript codebase that makes it the best choice for developing modern mobile applications. The Majority of developers prefer developing applications with the React Native as it gives a Native-type feeling to your application that works in both Android and iOS.

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