Responsive Profile Cards using HTML & CSS Only

Hello readers, today in this blog I’m going to create Responsive Profile Cards by using HTML & CSS only. In my previous blog, I have shared How to Create a Design a Checkbox Design into a Toggle on-off Switch, and this time to create a profile card.

Shortly profile card means a card where is a small photo of a particular person and his some details like name, job, some other minor details. A profile card is used as an identity of a specific person.

As you can see on the given images there are three profile cards of a different person. At the top, there are different images for specific people in the circular form. Under the images, there is a different name for all and some ratings and some limes of dummy text. At the bottom of this card we can see two buttons one is with text Readmore and another is as a subscribed. When we hover on that button background is changed smoothly. These all cards are responsive, all cards are seen perfectly on all sizes of screen.

Responsive Profile Cards (Source Code)

You can download all source code from the given link. Click Here To Download All Source Code

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Responsive Profile Cards using HTML & CSS Only
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