This project is an example of how to use an ESP8266, a LM393 based sound sensor, and the Twilio API to send SMS alerts when the sensor has been triggered.

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I found the current tutorial in Twilio’s documentation to be moderately confusing on how to get it functioning on an ESP8266. Consequently, I decided to document the process for incorporating Twilio’s API into my project so that anyone wanting to do the same has a clear understanding of how to accomplish it. But first, a little background on how this project came to be.


To understand the usefulness of this project you must first understand the circumstances that necessitated its creation.

My brother has a high-function form of autism called Aspergers. In many cases, including his, people with this disorder can have meltdowns. In recent months the frequency and intensity of his meltdowns have increased dramatically. So much so, that on several occasions he has injured himself without knowing it in the moment. Many times these occur in the middle of the night when my parents are asleep. And though these meltdowns are usually associated with running, jumping, and screaming, often times it does not wake them up. Being able to intervene and give him something to help him calm down has become essential to prevent him for hurting himself. But if my parents aren’t awake to do this, how can they intervene?

In comes what I’ve deemed “Life Alert”.

Just like the actual Life Alert, this sensor sends out a notification to alert someone when it has been triggered. In the case of this system, because his meltdowns are always associated with screaming, when the sound sensor is triggered at a certain decibel level then the ESP8266 sends out an SMS via Twilio, to my parents, to alert them so that they can intervene.

This project can be adapted to use whatever sensor fits your needs. The emphasis, however, will be on how to integrate Twilio into your project.

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Arduino based SMS alert system (Life Alert inspired)
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