Node JS has powerful capabilities related to smooth integration with other technologies and load-balancing in the server-side web development. Owing to those features and capabilities, the demand for Node.js developers is very high in the marketplace. The future of Node.js very bright as far as the demand for this technology in the companies that use Node.js is concerned.

What Is Node.JS Environment?

Node.js is a server-side run-time environment. It was created by Ryan Dahl, an American engineer in 2009. This platform is built on Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. This platform was created for developing the network and server-side applications, which can be created faster and should be easy to scale.

The Node.js environment adopts an event-driven, non-buffering, and non-blocking input/output model of development, which makes this platform perfect for data-intensive applications in a real-time environment. Node.JS has a large library for faster development. It is a cross-platform and open-source environment.

It uses the JavaScript for the application development, which is compatible with the front-end JavaScript development and numerous NoSQL databases. How to Node.js is very easy to learn for beginners by following the Node.js tips because it uses JavaScript technology, which is the most common in the web development market.

The popularity of Node.JS Server-End Scripting Environment

Node JS is the most popular server-side scripting environment today with over 128,211 websites across the world. Node.js for Java developers is also very attractive because it offers a large library, supports numerous tools, efficient development of API and so on. Therefore, the popularity of Node JS is not limited to the JavaScript evangelists.

Many companies have already replaced their backend development with Node JS to improve website performance and user experience. Among such companies, PayPal, Twitter, Amp Project, BBC, eBay, SOHO, and others are a few to name. According to the latest survey information, Node.js helped PayPal increase website response time by over 35%. At an average, Node JS can improve the performance of the website by 50%. It reduces development cost and time-to-market. The popularity of Node.js for developers is increasing consistently.


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How to Learn Node.JS Environment?

Node.js for beginners is like a piece of cake if you have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can easily learn setting up and coding with Node JS by following step by step Node.js guide too. As we all know, practice makes perfect.

  • First of all download the Node.js
  • Double click and install the environment through the installation process
  • To check if the installation of Node JS environment is done, open the 'Home' folder on your computer in your browser
  • You will see Node.exe and npm.cmd files
  • Open a command prompt on Windows OS
  • Run Node.exe
  • You are done with the Node JS Environment

This is very important to note that you can set up Node JS environment on multiple types of machines because this environment is cross-platform and runs very well for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and others.

Node.JS Tutorial for Beginners

The average salary of a Node.js developer in the USA is about $104,964 per annum. A large number of software developers are trying to pursue their career in full-stack development powered by the JavaScript across all stacks of software development.

Learning is earning, so let’s start earning with deferred payment to be paid when we are technically ready to be paid off. After setting up the Node JS environment, the simple steps that we will follow as beginners for learning Node.JS are listed below. But, these steps will introduce you with the way you learn, but gaining expertise, you will have to practice!

  • Open a command prompt on your computer on which the Node JS environment is installed
  • First of all, import the required modules through REQUIRE directive
  • Create an Apache Server so that your files on your servers can be accessed through server and run on the server in real-time
  • Use port no 8080 for accessing the server through HTTP requests
  • Create a ‘Hello World’ code and save on the server at the desired location
  • Initiate the file through command prompt writing ‘node myfirstfile.js’ and hitting the return key
  • Now access the server from a browser on the 8080 port, you will get a response of the script written in the file.

This way, keep learning other functions, features, and capabilities of Node.JS to become an expert very soon and earn big bucks!

Final Takeaway

Node JS is the most popular server-end scripting run-time environment in real-time. Many modules and tools are already in the market, which are getting grounds aggressively. The demand for the Node JS developers is increasing significantly in all major markets of the world. With that increase, the salary is also soaring sky-high. Thus, learning Node JS is one of the topmost trends worldwide and will remain as the top trend in 2020.

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Originally published  at on Sep 18, 2019


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Node.js Tutorial for Beginners in 2020
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