Sol Profiler Vscode: A VSCode Extension for Solidity Profile


sol-profiler-vscode extension generates & stores Solidity smart contract methods profile. Contract file should be opened in editor. Generated profile helps to get knowledge of method attributes any time later at one glance.

Note: sol-profiler-vscode extension does not ensure/guarantee any kind of security or correctness of any smart-contract.


  • Generates & stores profile in a folder named profiles in a .txt file named with suffix _Profile
  • Supports file import from relative path and node_modules(like openzeppelin-solidity etc.) both
  • Explicitly marks abstract and fallback functions
  • Explicitly marks library and interface contracts
  • Since Solidity release v0.5.0, Explicit data location for all variables of struct, array or mapping types is now mandatory, so profile also include the storage location of parameters defined explicitly.

How to use

  • Install extension by searching sol-profiler in extensions section of VSCode
  • Open contract file (.sol) in editor whose profile you want to generate
  • Open View -> Command Palette (Keyboard Shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + P)
  • Type sol-profiler. You will see a text in dropdown as sol-profiler: generate profile. Click on it & you're done. (As result, success/failure message will be shown as notification)



For CLI version, see

Download details:

Author: Aniket-Engg

License: MIT license

#smartcontract #solidity #blockchain 

Sol Profiler Vscode: A VSCode Extension for Solidity Profile
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