Go License Scraper: Golang's Licensing Insight


go-license-scraper collects go module license by scraping http://pkg.go.dev (or http://github.com if its path includes github.com) with Playwright.



$ npm install --location=global go-license-scraper


$ cd path/to/your/directory/of/go.mod
$ go-license-scraper PATH/TO/LICENSES.csv

Chrome Canary or Microsoft Edge

Set browser channel to environment variable BROWSER_CHANNEL. If you want to use Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome, set msedge. See https://playwright.dev/docs/api/class-testoptions#test-options-channel for more details.

Download Details:

Author: akm
Source Code: https://github.com/akm/go-license-scraper 
License: MIT license

#go #golang #license 

Go License Scraper: Golang's Licensing Insight
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